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2020 Census – Why Self-Response Matters

Currently, Montana’s Self-Response Rate to the 2020 Census is 42.8%. To achieve a correct count and quality information, a self-response rate for Montana closer to 75% is ideal. When you fill out the information for your household, the data is more accurate. If a Census employee goes to a household and fills out the form for the residents, the chances of mistakes on the form are much higher. There is also a greater chance a household may be missed.

It also requires many more tax dollars to have a Census worker fill out the form than self-response. In the 2010 Census, the cost to send employees out to fill-out forms was more than $2.01 billion nationwide with workers attempting to contact every housing unit up to six times. To meet its 2020 Census operational budget, the U.S. Census Bureau needs a nationwide response rate of 55% to 60%.

With the Census Bureau staff not resuming field operations until June, the MT CCC is working hard with partners to encourage all households to self-respond. You can do your part by making sure your family, friends and neighbors have completed the 2020 Census at My2020Census.gov.

Use this link to Respond to the 2020 Census: my2020census.gov