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The Miles City Area Economic Development Council (MCAEDC) was formed in 1992 to promote activity to stimulate and support economic development and growth in the Miles City area.  Articles of incorporation were approved by the Montana Secretary of State on July 31, 1996, after which the organizations by-laws were adopted by the executive board. The names of the those signing the by-laws at that time included Jim Barutha, Monte Larson, Corina Berry, Kathy Barnes, Dorothy Armstrong, Ron Watts, Todd Steadman, Rob Bartholomew, Terry Cline, Scott Engwer, James T. Carr, Sara Rehm, Donna Smith, Todd Stevenson, Darwin Brockway and Ed Kimball.   The organization was granted an exempt status under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code on December 2, 1997.  Since that time, MCAEDC has developed into an economic organization that has provided a variety of services aiding the promotion of community and area economic development including information support; community awareness; strategic planning and networking with local business, boards, councils, commissioners, state and federal agencies as well as other economic development groups; program and business funding through loans and grants; business planning; and many other support activities.

In 2005 the MCAEDC joined with Southeastern Montana Development Corporation (SEMDC), a regional nonprofit corporation providing business support, including financial support through a revolving loan fund, in a 9-county area including Custer County. Together, MCAEDC and SEMDC jointly fund the position of Executive Director that had previously been either volunteer or a contracted position. This position holds two titles, MCAEDC Executive Director and SEMDC Loan Officer.  This unique partnership promotes the economic development and growth in the region of Southeastern Montana while focusing on Miles City.

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