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Leadership Class

Developing Emerging Community & Business Leaders

Established in 2005, Leadership Miles City involves 12-24 emerging and existing leaders each year and brings them together learn more about community and regional business and industry resources while providing skills development training in multiple aspects of leadership.

Participants in this dynamic, tuition based, 9-month program represent a diverse cross section of private, non-profit, government and faith-based sectors of the community. The class has the opportunity to collaborate with key community members, strengthen leadership skills, develop powerful and personal connections with classmates, and foster personal commitment and involvement in our community.

The place-based format of this program makes all of Miles City the classroom. Programs are strategically designed to move to unique locations to give participants a comprehensive look at our community along with influential organizations and individuals that shape our region.

Those selected for Leadership Miles City attend nine daylong seminars. The class runs from September through May. Each seminar is held at various locations in and around Miles City and may include a combination of lectures, panel discussions, work sessions, case studies, shadowing, and field trips. The class will also be reading a highly recommended leadership skills book and participating in class-member
led discussions about the book over breakfast or lunch.

Candidates must be concerned with the future of the Miles City area and be committed to personal involvement in shaping its future.

Goals of Leadership Miles City:

  • Develop more effective leaders who are more able to contribute to business and community
  • Awareness of the impact of social and economic changes in the Miles City area
  • Provide a deeper understanding of what makes Miles City a great community
  • Enhance a sense of belonging and commitment to the Miles City community
  • Awareness of complex challenges and opportunities of our times and how we as leaders can be more prepared and informed
  • Allow each participant to learn more about their leadership styles and to gain basic leadership skills and concepts for personal growth and enhanced community involvement

*Participants must be willing to commit to the necessary time needed for the class. Many employers in Miles City are very supportive of their employees attending Leadership Miles City. If you are interested in the class, please discuss the dates with your employer. Also, your employer may be willing to provide sponsorship or partial sponsorship for your participation in the class. Many employers in the Miles City are happy to accommodate this opportunity as a way for their employees to gain knowledge of the Miles City area and in their individual leadership skills.

and2019-2020 CLASS CALENDAR

Classes are held the THIRD Thursday of the month from 8:00am-5:00pm

*Exception: Last class will be the SECOND Thursday of May, with graduation the following Tuesday

September 19, 2019 – Class Introduction, Book Introduction, Real Colors, Personality Assessment, Group Dynamics Presentation
October 17, 2019 – Agriculture
November 21, 2019 – Healthcare/Social Services
December 19, 2019 – Retail, Trade, and Small Business
January 16, 2020 – Transportation and Communication
February 20, 2020 – Government
{COVID-19} TBD – Energy
{COVID-19} TBD – Education
{COVID-19} TBD – Tourism and Culture
{COVID-19} TBD – Graduation Celebration

Class Day Framework Topics:

  • Community Service Organizations/Tourism & Culture
  • Education: Our Future
  • Government: Federal, State, and Local
  • Healthcare & Social Services: Critical Community Needs
  • Retail Trade & Small Business: Our Basic Culture
  • Energy: The Key to Quality of Life
  • Transportation & Communication: Our Lifeline
  • Agriculture: Our Core Culture


Tuition: $175
Covers Full Tuition, Real Colors Personality Assessment, and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown with study guide

Applications are available on our website www.mcaedc.org and in the Miles City Economic Development Office.
If you wish to submit an application and are willing to meet all of the commitments of the class, please fill out the enclosed form and return it to the MCAEDC office by August 31, 2019.
Applications may be submitted by email: info@mcaedc.org
Mail: 1010 Main Street, Ste 18 Miles City, MT 59301
Or dropped off at the MCAEDC office in the Custer County Courthouse (Suite 18)

Recent Years

Leadership Class Alumni

Click here to view All Alumni

Class of 2019

  • Amber Smith
  • Amy Rolandson, Stockman Bank
  • Brooke Bartholomew, DEAP
  • Cheri Reed, Voc Rehab
  • Cortney Snyder, Mid-Rivers
  • Erika Swanson, Holy Rosary Healthcare
  • Garrett Mostowski, First Presbetyrian Church
  • Larisa Loomis, Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Larry Hudson, Custer County
  • Levi Liles, Stockman Insurance
  • Michael Hardy, Miles Community College
  • Morgan Densberger, Northwest Farm Credit
  • Tami Harwood, Stockman Bank
  • Traci Glasscock, Custer County District High School

Class of 2018

  • Emma Morrison, Stockman Bank
  • Tina Poppert., Stockman Bank
  • Maureen Celander, Custer County
  • Alex Evans., Miles Community College
  • Nancy Swope, Miles Community College
  • Rachel Finn, Miles Community College
  • Rob Schneidt, Macs Frontierland
  • Megan Van Emon, Fort Keogh
  • Richard Waterman, Fort Keogh
  • Carolina Hanley, Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Denise Brown, Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Gail Krezeklak., MC Judge Homme’s Office
  • Dan Baker, MC Police Dept
  • Amy Kingma, MCAEDC/Leadership
  • Jessica Kuipers, Independent
  • Aggie Price, Holy Rosary Healthcare
  • Edward Cuerth, Holy Rosary Healthcare

Class of 2017

  • Dayna Adler, WalMart
  • Doug Gaskill, Miles Community College
  • Jeff Johnson, Integrity Realty
  • Carolyn Kimball, Miles Community College
  • Kasey Krueger, Stockman Bank
  • Jan Halverson, Experience Works
  • Kevin Raasch, Bloedorn Lumber
  • Lisa Smith, Miles Community College
  • Christine Murphy, Northwest Farm Credit

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