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7:00 Call to Order

  • Welcome Board Members and Guests
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Public Comment – None

7:10 Operational Reports

  • Board President
    • Recognition / Celebration of MCAEDC Board Members
      • Paul Lewis – moving for new position to Idaho. Multiple board members offered their thanks and kind words. (MCAEDC will need new finance committee chair as this was Paul’s position.)
      • BeKa Phipps – has a new position at MCC
    • Reminder that we are looking to hire new administrative Assistant – please spread the word
    • January Board Training / Reorientation
      • Possible date, time, venue – Keith suggested the Extension program, Beth said the 2 hour or 4-5 hour trainings put on by extension (Dan Clark) are excellent, Ally Capps suggested opening the training to other boards in Miles City, Lew agreed possibly 5:30 – 8:30 for timing and possibly host at the college
  • Executive Director
    • Attended MEDA conference in Lewistown and Brownfields classes in Lewistown and Poplar – many take-aways for projects in Miles City. Brought Ally Capps to the Rural Best Practices for Brownfields conference in Poplar – good conversation and idea building for Miles City.
    • Thanked Amber Rainey for her help with information for DLA grants
    • Continued meetings with partners – and continued support for MCAEDC
    • The Elks invited MCAEDC to partner in some October events
  • Committee Updates
    • Finance Committee – Financial Reports, Krista Stubblefield
    • Leadership Committee – the first day was a great success – participation, networking, and Emma reported that a class member made sure to share that they had enjoyed the class
    • Project Committee – Trails – there was a meeting on Sept 26, Dale Berg is continuing Fairgrounds clean-up, Dale M is getting MCC back in to take out old fence and continue dirt work, MCC could offer community service hours, Steve Morris offered time and man-power

7:40 Updates or Items of Interest

  • SEMDC updates – Jim Atchison updated on DLA – Custer County Fire finalized an application for a building, as did the City of Miles City for the Darling Addition, the Airport received a Coal Board Grant for $275,000 for runway expansion, SEMDC received a Federal EDA grant – $250,000 for relending in the 4-county region
  • City of Miles City updates – Rick Huber toured 911 last week (Lyn Anderson was chosen to do 911 training and is very passionate) visited with the fire chief (has updated protocol to ease budget)
  • Ken Holmlund, State Budget – 2017 budget struggled, now, budget stabilization fund is full and now adding a rainy day fund so there is good news as Montana heads into 2020
  • Tracy Baker – that MCC is holding an Educators conference in late October
  • Aaron Clingingsmith – MCC is working on selection of President, MCC has had an uptick in enrollment and a high retention rate, dual enrollment is also being utilized by more high school students

8:00 Adjournment