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President: Rita Kratky, Vice President: Jenny Sloan, Past President: Keith Holmlund, Executive Director: Elizabeth Patten, Project and Development Committee Co-Chairs: Lew Vadheim and Jenny Sloan Board Members: Tracy Baker, Emma Morrison, Ken Holmlund, Amber Rainey, Rick Huber Guest: Ron Slinger

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Call to Order and Welcome

Operational Reports3 April Board Meeting Minutes

  • Board President
    • Action Item :: Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
      • Ken Holmlund moved to approve; Rick Huber seconded
        • Motion passes
      • Community members ways to help
        • Keeping up with what’s coming out with the cares act
          • Utilizing Facebook, will send out emails
        • Seeing/hearing in miles city small businesses are having a hard time.
          • Previsions in the Cares act should help them
        • Stores are offering to shop for you, or online sales so if you can consider continuing to spend money in Miles City
        • Jenny Sloan asked if Elizabeth posted about that on Facebook
        • Elizabeth Patten said she will be posting more about it
        • Chris Donnelly- with Easter looming she would rather shop locally than online.
        • Jenny Sloan- contacted Erin from Girl Ran Away directly and she delivered some gift certificates right to Jenny.
        • Keith Holmlund- City/County formed a group and set up incident command system. Some people who are involved include Dr.Young, who is the medical officer. Dale Berg, Brandon Stevens, a person from Billings Clinic, One Health, and Holy Rosary. Incident Command is meeting twice a day, ready to act if they get any positive cases. This is a group of very dedicated people, nurses, a senator, trying to stay ahead of this.
          • Ken Holmlund- Miles City is in good shape as far as managing if we get hit.
        • Rita Kratky- introduces Ron Slinger, Miles Community College President
      • Graduation Celebration / Partner Recognition / MCAEDC Banquet (Date??)
        • Elizabeth Patten- we are pushing the leadership class out, going into July, there are 3 class days left but this way we won’t miss any of them May, June, & July. Celebration should be after the class, thinking about having a banquet during the fall.
          • Tara Andrews- agrees with looking into the fall
          • Rita Kratky- start class in September, kick off new class with old class and sponsors. Late September early October
          • Emma Morrison & Ken Holmlund- also agree with that; need to be flexible with whatever is decided
          • Keith Holmlund- This would be a good way to bring the two classes together and have the old class be a motivation for the new class.
          • Tara Andrews- Since the old class will be facilitating the new class days, this would give them a chance to interact with each other and give the old class an idea of the people in the new class.
          • Keith Holmlund- thinks everyone will understand due to the circumstances
            • Target date- September/October


  • Executive Director
    • By-Laws
      • Elizabeth Patten- Dixie Rieger, John Laney and I want to sit down together to go over these
    • Grant Award and Trails update
      • Trail committee has met via zoom a few times, working on plans to utilize the grant funding
    • Options for Small Businesses (CARES Act, SBA loans, etc)
      • Elizabeth will put together an email to send out to the board to show what we’re looking at. Small business owners, not just those in Miles City- it’s a federal act so we can share any good information we have far and wide right now. We don’t want to see our businesses start folding- continue to support our businesses
      • Elizabeth and Kyla will continue to get more information onto our website in the news section.
        • Jenny Sloan- suggested making an additional list like the Chamber did with restaurants but with businesses instead.
        • Elizabeth Patten- Haynes Ave businesses, reaching out and gathering more information about who is open and what is being offered
      • Jenny Sloan- it can be confusing because people may not know what businesses are open
      • Lew Vadheim- Suggested that while reaching out to businesses, to find out who is delivering as well; knowing that could make a difference in people shopping local or buying online.
      • Tara Andrews- Steadman’s Ace Hardware said it was their busiest days since Christmas- everyone must be doing home improvements
      • Ken Holmlund- keeping close tabs on the care act so can ask questions
    • Project Updates
      • Ken Holmlund- The State of Montana will get $1.25 billion to go into general fund, money that must be spent on COVID-19.
        • Ron Slinger- the money that MCC will be getting is going directly to students to refund parts of this semesters cost and then to continue to help with how they’re teaching as well as offset the losses they’re seeing from the café and housing.
      • SBDC/ SBA has some updates
      • Elizabeth Patten- Sat in on some live sessions about initial ways we can utilize the CARES Act. One big question that has been asked is if Ag produces who employ people can utilize payroll help – will continue to learn and share info.
      • Jenny Sloan- trail was able to get finished at least to this stage, ready for a fence.
        • Tara Andrews- Until the stay home is lifted and people can get out the fencing crew won’t be able to come to town
        • Jenny Sloan- Dale and MCC were able to finish their portion of the trail work before the college had to close
      • Tara Andrews- we are open and can meet people at the door and take calls and have been posting stuff every day on Facebook including recipes and activities for kids.
      • Ron Slinger- Thanked everyone for including him in the meeting. The switch to online has been very smooth, considering that people have other factors than just moving online that impact them- some people have just dropped off the radar. 27 students in the residency hall as they cannot return hom. Identify 25 individuals who have access to the building, limiting access for everyone else. Biggest hit was making sure to do what was the best for the students. Refunding unused housing and meal plan, the MCC general fund is fully funded and fine. MCC’s biggest focus is continuing to make sure as many students can be successful on this platform as possible, and how to move forward.
      • Amber Rainey- still trucking along- allowing sellers to show houses at their own discretion, Real Estate is still considered essential. Working from home.
      • Ally Capps had mentioned that some business owners are using zoom to connect and chat-
        • Elizabeth Patten-will look more into upgrading zoom to be able to utilize that with business owners and set those chats up.


Dates to Note

  • Executive Committee Meeting – April 21, 4:30 pm, MCAEDC office (or ZOOM)
  • Leadership Class – Energy Day – April 16 (???)
  • Elizabeth spend the day in Colstrip – April 22
  • Board Meeting – May 7, 7:00 am, Sleep Inn and Suites (or ZOOM)