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The recently created trail along Tongue River’s western bank will begin resurfacing for June as part of the effort to expand and enhance Miles City’s trail systems.
The effort is spearheaded by the Miles City Area Economic Development Council, who at a meeting earlier today revealed that their West End Trails Project received a $7,000 Eastern Montana Tourism Partner Initiative grant. It’s a grant that is meant “to further the region’s goals of enhancing marketing efforts, strengthening tourism amenities and creating vibrant communities in which families want to live.”
The dirt trail is planned to be resurfaced with crusher fine gravel, which will be easy and packed together well enough “to walk with a stroller on” according to MCAEDC Executive Director Elizabeth Patten. During the resurfacing, fencing will also be finished facing Eastern Montana Fairgrounds, closing a gap currently along the trail.
The grant will also help with MCAEDC’s other efforts such as supplying funds for materials for the construction of picnic tables at Cook Lake Park. That project is expected to be assisted by Scouts BSA Troop 222 with scout Michael Swogger taking charge. According to Patten, these projects help with MCAEDC’s current goal of beautifying the western end of Miles City, with both cleaning up the areas and generating more attraction to Miles City. And so far, with the past several years of trail system expansions, Patten has seen strong engagement both with people using the trails and from numerous organizations volunteering materials and time to build these trails. “I think people really want to see reasons to go outside,” Patten said. “It’s to make people see that there is vibrancy in Miles City. It brings people to Miles City. Use of the trails is free, but people who stop to walk in Miles City might eat lunch, grab a coffee or shop somewhere, which helps Miles City’s economy.”
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